Cheese Curds:


Pepper Jack Cheese Curds:


Onion Rings:


Mozzarella Sticks:


Mini Tacos:


Jalapeno Poppers/ Cream Cheese:

Breaded Mushrooms: $7.95
Chicken Tenders: $6.95
Basket of Fries (plain): $4.95
Basket of Fries (with Cheese):  $6.45

Garlic Cheese Bread:

Cheesy Gravy Fries:
deep fried and smothered in
cheddar cheese and brown gravy

Marinated Steak Bites:
Sautéed in olive oil & house seasonings


Plain or beer battered. BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan or BBQ Chipolte


Potato Skins:
6 potato skins filled with cheddar & bacon.
Served with sour cream